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Tiered Booklet Design

The Dean of the James Madison University College of Business (CoB) challenged our creative team to develop a tool he could use to quickly communicate the 2020-2025 Strategic Plan to the College’s various constituents. While my teammates distilled pages of plan documentation into digestible snippets, I concepted a tiered booklet design with tabs to quickly reference each step in the plan. The 40-page booklet uses two types of paper stock: vellum overlay and regular cover-weight paper. A tear-out bookmark at the center spread allows the vellum/paper stock pattern to continue through to the back cover. Packaging this booklet for the printer required me to pull out the page signatures for the vellum and paper stock separately—all part of my skillset. Production of the booklets came off the press without a hitch, and the Dean has since ordered the booklet several times. Click the button below to view a full PDF mock-up of the booklet.

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