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Website Redesign

I had the incredible opportunity to help create an entirely new message- and brand-aligned homepage for Rosetta Stone Enterprise. As lead designer, I concepted and executed the digital experience using Ceros, a cloud-based design platform. The first website iteration launched in just over 90 days from tool adoption, which I learned on my own at the project’s inception. While the site has since evolved, the original experience was also versioned for use in the United Kingdom. The creative execution of this project involved my collaboration with two copywriters, a UX designer, and the creative services manager on my team.


The design challenge was to show “breakthrough” design that walked the customer through a clear product experience while providing them obvious opportunities to purchase or learn more, depending on where they were in the buyer’s journey. The company’s then-CEO remarked on Slack, “This is the site I’ve been waiting for. Congrats on delivering such a world-class work product.”

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